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Full Service Glazing Contractor

EGI provides a full range of services to accommodate all facets of window installation, field glazing and entrance systems for your construction project. All services offered breakdown into two distinct categories: Project Development and Project Execution.

Project Development

EGI develops projects through a combination of the various services needed for owners, contractors, and design teams to conceptualize and vet design intents by leveraging our experience and expertise. This ranges from product data, installation approaches and LEED information to cost allocation and value engineering. Specifically, the two service categories that comprise EGI’s Project Development are Design & Development and Budgeting & Estimating.

Project Execution

EGI can take your next glazing project from conception to reality. This includes all components of a project from initial layout to final installation. EGI’s Project Execution is made up of two primary services: Material Supply and Management & Installation.