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Material Supply

Exclusive Product Lines

EGI has developed strong relationships with several of the nation’s top architectural product manufacturers. Our depth of knowledge and breadth of access permits us to offer our clients better solutions. EGI’s offerings are driven by the projects desired performance and budget. We tailor our solutions to the needs of the project instead of forcing a single -and often limited- line of products on our clients like many of our competitors.

Project Layout

Regardless of complexity, EGI can precisely and knowledgably execute all aspects of laying out your glazing project. From existing condition determination, to engineering, CAD, shop drawings and submittals, our team has it handled. EGI’s experience in existing condition determination -which includes field verification and field measuring- allows us to determine appropriate installation methods and product selection. There are no conditions we have not seen or dealt with before.
The next element is project engineering. Our staff has the capability to overcome all engineering hurdles that may arise in a project. We can ensure our clients that the material supplied and installation methods performed meet or exceed what the building and environmental conditions demand. EGI has the ability to perform Structural Calculations, Wind-load Calculations, and Full-Service Project Engineering Reviews.
EGI provides in-house CAD designed and engineered shop drawings to present architectural details for pre-design review and contract approvals. This provides consistency and a thorough project understanding from the onset, ensuring that the quality of installation and timeliness of product delivery is never compromised. EGI also develops comprehensive submittal packages for A/E approval.

Installation Consultation

A vital component of our material supply offering is the expertise we lend to our client’s installation services. After all, who would know better how to install a project than those who designed the systems and laid out the project? Just because material has been delivered does not mean our dedication to your project has ended. Our team will make sure your installation of our products goes as smoothly as possible.