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In the construction industry, “Green” is the concept of facilitating the sustainable use of resources –energy in particular–through the complete life cycle of the building. This includes its development and construction. Green design, construction and operations have environmental, economic, and social elements that benefit all building stakeholders; including owners, occupants, and the general public.

The Role of Glass & Glazing 

Glass plays a vital role in green building as it combines quite a few advantages such as transparency, natural day-lighting, the blending of exteriors with interiors and acoustic control. Natural light enhances productivity and helps uphold a healthy environment. Glass, a wholly recyclable material, supplies unrestricted opportunity for architects and designers for an endless amount of innovative applications. Glass plays a noteworthy role in accomplishing greater indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency and in so doing fulfills numerous criteria for green buildings. The design and placement of glass is a fundamental constituent of green architecture.

EGI and the LEED® Green Building Rating System

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the LEED® Green Building Rating System to define and measure "Green Buildings" as it relates to their design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Stringent requirements are placed on buildings whose owners attempt to obtain LEED® certification and associated credits. EGI’s staff has LEED® Accredited Professionals who certifiably possess the knowledge and know-how to tackle the complex and multi-tiered LEED® certification and credit approval process.